Top 5 Places to See in Norway

Top 5 Places to See in Norway

Have you heard the name of the country of the night sun? There is no harm in not knowing, Norway, a popular travel destination in Europe, is called the land of the nocturnal sun.

In today’s vacation blog, I will tell you the details about that trip to Norway. I will try to give a detailed idea about the 10 cities that I have visited in Norway.

1. Bergen:

It would not be wrong to call this city Wooden City. Most of the architecture of this city is made of wood. In fact, this place is definitely different from all other places in the world. There is a gathering of seven famous hills, including 80 historic buildings. You will find several museums and photo studios here with fresh seafood.

2. Loften:

This beautiful island in the picture is called a pet-less island. The reason for this is that this archipelago is a naturally formed long, arid archipelago with one end connected to the mainland. So the sea around it. There is quite a reputation for fishing here. So for those who like to fish, this city can be quite a place of choice. The experience of going from this narrow island to the sea once and to the land once is bound to overwhelm you.

3. Tromso:

Have you heard of the Arctic? This means the polar region. Tromso has all the beauty of the polar region. The region is famous for the town of Tromsavaya. Although it has an urban feel, the beauty of the polar region is the same. You will find the Polar Center and the Polar Museum here. There is also the possibility of wire lift. Through which you can spend wonderful adventurous time.

4. Oslo

The capital of Norway is Oslo. The city is famous for some of the best food and restaurants. The city is famous for its nightlife. Songs are arranged in different places for entertainment. You can also enjoy cycling or walking to this city. You will find the Viking Museum in Oslo. There are wooden boats and equipment used by Viking explorers from about 1200 years ago. The museum preserves the Vikings’ clothing, tools and utensils, as well as the various items found in their tombs that will take you back to that old age.

5. GirengerFjord

One of the wonders of nature is the girangerfjord which will attract you in a different way. It is 15 km long and is surrounded by high and dense green hills. There are several waterfalls here. The height of the mountains here is more than 1000 meters. You can do hiking but it is quite risky. Beautiful villages and hills like the picture will definitely attract you.

So why is it so late to travel to this beautiful country? Instantly made for Norway. Many good wishes for you.

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