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Dhaka Kolkata Flight Information | Travel Guide Kolkata

Dhaka Kolkata Flight Information: Searching for Dhaka to Kolkata cheap flights? Then, City Trip International is your one-stop destination to book Dhaka to Kolkata flights in a hassle-free manner. It is one such platform that brings forth all the options for you in one place and lets you book the most suitable plane with the best deals and offers.

There is no shortage of options when it comes to Dhaka to Kolkata Flight booking. Several budgets and premium airlines fly on this route. You can quickly check the Dhaka to Kolkata flight schedule on City Trip International. Approximately 8+ flights are flying daily between Dhaka and Kolkata from early morning to late at night. Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Air India, US-Bangla Airlines, Novoair, Regent Airways, SpiceJet Airlines, and IndiGo Airlines are major airlines that fly between Dhaka and Kolkata. Biman Bangladesh Airlines has 1 flight, and SpiceJet has two flights.

Dhaka to Kolkata Flight Schedule

Airline Depart Arrival Duration Days of Operation
RX 791
Regent Airways
7:40 AM Dhaka 8:00 AM Kolkata 00h 50m non-stop S M T W T F S Call for Price
Biman Bangladesh
8:15 AM Dhaka 10:15 AM
02h 40m
M T Call for Price
Biman Bangladesh
9:00 AM Dhaka 11:05 AM
02h 35m
M T Call for Price
BG 091
Biman Bangladesh
9:10 AM Dhaka 9:30 AM
00h 50m
T F Call for Price
4H 573
4 H
9:10 AM Dhaka 9:45 AM
01h 00m
S T Call for Price
9:20 AM Dhaka 9:40 AM
00h 50m
S M T W T F S Call for Price
Biman Bangladesh
9:50 AM Dhaka 10:15 AM
00h 55m
S T W Call for Price
Regent Airways
10:30 AM Dhaka 11:00 AM
01h 00m
S M T W T F S Call for Price
Us Bangla Airlines
11:20 AM Dhaka 11:50 AM
01h 00m
S M T W T F S Call for Price
01:25 PM Dhaka 2:00 PM
01h 05m
S M T W T F S Call for Price

The aerial distance between Dhaka to Kolkata flight is approximately 250 km, covered in around 55 min.

The lowest airfare for Dhaka to Kolkata flight is 5161.78 Taka, and the average airfare is 7251.07 Taka depending on the airline, timings, and availability. So, it is advisable to book flights 2-3 weeks well in advance to avail minimum airfare. You can also book Dhaka to Kolkata cheap flights if you are flexible with your dates and timings.

Best Things To Do in Kolkata

Kolkata is known to the residents as “Queen of the City” and is known to all as “Anand Nagar.” What is not in this city! There are various ways to see thirsty travelers traveling around. Sometimes you can walk on the bus or ride on the metro rail and see the city’s sights.

Indian Museum: The Indian Museum, founded by the Asiatic Society, is one of the oldest and most important ancient museums in Asia. If you want a direct view of Egyptian mummies, dinosaurs, or fossil skeletons, you have to visit this Indian Museum in Kolkata.

Dhaka Kolkata Flight Schedule

Birla Industrial Museum: The Birla Industrial Museum is located at 9 Gurusoday Road in South Kolkata. This museum will be a great pleasure for all to know and understand the unknowns of science.

Dhaka Kolkata Cheap Flights

Rabindra Bharati Museum: The famous Rabindra Bharati Museum, located at Chittaranjan Avenue near Girish Park, is also known as “Jodasako Thakurbari,” the home of Rabindranath Tagore. An integral part of the University of Calcutta’s Rabindra Bharati Museum, and an archive of all the works of Rabindranath Tagore, whichever is better.

Nehru Children’s Museum: The Nehru Children’s Museum is one of the best places to take children. There are various galleries types where there are dolls galleries, toys galleries, Ramayan, and Mahabharata galleries. In addition to entertaining children, there are different learning aids to be found in this museum.

Ashutosh Museum: One of the leading museums of India, established in the 5th under Kolkata University, where some of India’s art and archeology are preserved.

Some historical places of Kolkata

Kolkata Marble Palace: Raja Rajendra Mallick, a famed zamindar king of Bengal, built a palace-like palace in Bahadur-3, which would surely please the tourists.

Victoria Memorial: A unique white marble building erected in the Taj Mahal style in memory of Queen Victoria, whose work will rekindle any tourist’s thinking power.

Howrah Bridge: A bridge is known as “Rabindra Bridge” is a famous artistic work of Kolkata. One of the connecting bridges between Kolkata and Howrah on the Hooghly River.

Princess Ghats: Built on the Hooghly River banks in memory of James Prinsep in 1, it is popular with travelers. This is one of the oldest sights of Kolkata.

Fort William: Fort William is a fort on the banks of the river Hooghly in Kolkata. One of the largest displays of the military power of the British Raj in the east is Kolkata.

Rabindra Sadan: Rabindra Sadan is a unique combination of Bangla Theater and cultural activities. One of Bengali society’s primary entertainment sources is Rabindra Sadan, where plays, cultural events, and various entertainment types can be seen.

Rabindra Sadan

Kolkata Racecourse: India’s largest racecourse, built-in 122, is a famous horse racing field. Here are some of India’s most glorified horse racing, such as the Calcutta Derby and the Queen Elizabeth Cup.

Kolkata Racecourse

Various parks in Kolkata

• Nico Park has the distinction of being the world’s most entertaining park.

• Science City Park can undoubtedly get to know this science city’s science and technology issues, which will indeed be useful.

• The Knollball Boating Complex is the most beautiful picnic spot, but there is also the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of being on a boat with different types of crafts.

Clown Town is a children’s entertainment center designed to keep children’s preferences in mind. It is the first children’s park in Kolkata. Aquatica is an aquatic park or water park located in Kochpukur, Razarhat.

• Fun Amity Park is an excellent addition to all the great fun that City Ride offers.

Garden and Animals in Kolkata

Botanical Garden: Shivpur, a new botanical garden, has been developed by the state government of West Bengal to protect the ecological balance on the banks of the river Hooghly.

Zoological Gardens: Zoological Gardens, Kolkata, the first of its kind in Asia, with a large animal store. It would be nice to visit a vast area for the animals to celebrate.

Alipore Zoo: This zoo, set up in Alipore, has many different types of animal birds.

Agri-Horticultural Garden: This is a garden for gardening. There is a vast collection of plants and plants.

Other places within the city

Eden Garden: One of the most famous stadiums in the cricket world. There is also a Burmese pagoda. Everyone will love to visit the entire Eden Garden.

College Street: A pilgrimage destination for booksellers. From the textbook to the best sellers and all the old books will be found here.

National Library: This is the most extensive library in Kolkata, not only in the whole of India.

Belur monastery: This Belur monastery, situated on the banks of the river Hooghly, houses the house of Swami Vivekananda and the mausoleum of various sadhanas. There is also a display hall where it can be seen how the Ramakrishna Mission was created and earned a good reputation throughout the world.

Belur monastery

Hangeswari Temple: Kolkata is a pilgrimage place for Hindu religious people. Hungeshwari Temple is a magnificent, beautiful temple built in the royal courtyard. It is the nearest and most famous temple in Kolkata.

Hangeswari Temple

Coffee House: Memorial song of Manna De Bejrit Coffee House.

Travel to the Tram Museum and the Tram: This museum was about the day’s history when the tram started in Kolkata and its ruins. The only Trump museum in the country. There is a fun travel experience on the tram that no one wants to miss when visiting Kolkata.

There are also Bangla Academy, St Paul’s Church, and many other temples, and many more to see.

How To Reach Kolkata From Dhaka

There are various arrangements for getting to Kolkata at a distance of 5 km from Dhaka. You can travel by plane, train, bus, or newly launched ship to the traditional city of Kolkata. However, the visa must be arranged before applying for a visa, and then the ticket must be placed using travel.

By air from Dhaka to Kolkata: Bangladesh Airlines, Spice Jet, Air India, Jet Airways are notable for the flight to Kolkata. Usually, Dhaka-Kolkata airline fares 3-4 bucks and takes 3-5 minutes. Discounts are available if you had booked a plane before or booked a return ticket. Also, many airlines offer discounted airfare on different occasions.

Ways to get to Kolkata by bus:  Shyamoli, BRTC, bus depart directly from Dhaka to Kolkata during the day. At night, one bus goes up to Benapole and crosses the border to another bus from Petrapole to Kolkata. Non AC bus fares 1-5 and AC bus fares 1 Taka.

Ways to get to Kolkata by train: In the joint venture of the Bangladesh-India Government, Maître Express departs from Dhaka Cantonment Station for Kolkata at 4.30 am. Before leaving the train, passport visas were checked in Dhaka’s cantonment and then at Chitpur in Kolkata. Total travel time is 8-12 hours.

Kolkata by boat: From Dhaka to Kolkata, you can go by boat. Travel Pipsura can travel from Dhaka to Kolkata on the newly launched MV Madhumoti Ship at the cost of Tk.

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