5 things you can't travel with on a plane

5 things you can’t travel with on a plane

By hobbies or travel with the urge of need are closely related to our lives. Similarly, a popular mode of travel is the airspace. Air travel is quite affordable, and there are certain restrictions for air travel.

There are some things in the air that can’t be travelled by air, while there are some things that can’t be kept in carry-on bags …. However, luggage can be carried (which airlines take at the time of check-in and have to be taken from the luggage belt at the end of the trip)

Those who travel regularly on flights are familiar with these regulations. But for those who are brand new, have never travelled by air or want to travel by air soon, our blog today.

On today’s blog, we will know that we can’t travel by plane with things.

01. Liquid (100ML)

There are a number of requirements for taking toiletries or cosmetics or national liquids (pastes, body sprays, shampoos) during air travel, which must be done in a clean white bowl.

These bowls should be kept in a bag that has a quarter-size zipper. Large bags cannot be used in any way to store toiletries or cosmetics or national liquids.

02. Sharp object

Considering safety, any sharp objects (nail cutters, knives, scissors, etc.) in onboard luggage are prohibited. But very small accessories can be taken in onboard luggage. If a knife is sharp or has a fixed blade of more than 6Cm, it cannot be taken on a plane.

03. Combustible material

Travel on flights with any type of combustible substance is prohibited. It is very natural that it is more careful to travel by air than any trip. Therefore, air travel is prohibited with inflammable substances such as fireworks, acids, batteries that can easily catch fire, or spread fire.

Tips: Qatar Airways Dhaka Office

04. Firearm

The number 4 thing on the prohibited list is firearms, you cannot carry the licensed firearm you have with you while travelling. In this case, the aircraft can complete the special form of the company and take the firearm through announcement. But it won’t be with you while travelling. It will be given to you after reaching the destination.

05. Soups / Liquid Foods

You can travel by air with fast food type items such as burgers from any restaurant at the airport. But if it’s soup, you have to keep it at the airport and travel by plane because soup is a liquid and we learned early on that it’s forbidden to travel on a plane with liquids.

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